Live Review: Bloodshot Dawn, Æpoch, Becomes Astral, Ending Tyranny @Schwaben Club, Kitchener, Ontario

"Whose dad IS that?" Kyle Edissi (Æpoch, guitars) asked incredulously from the stage as a diminutive man, easily over sixty years of age, crowd surfed for the third time during last night's show. No one seemed to know, and it didn't matter in the slightest. Everyone on the floor was happy to give him the night of his life, transporting him around the floor atop dozens of helping hands. For all the bad reputation the industry press seems intent on leveling against the metal community these days for being a supposed 'unsafe space', it's anything but—at least if last night's concert at Kitchener's 'Schwaben Club' was any indication. People were attending from all walks of life: old-school geezers like myself, teenagers, men, and women (over a quarter of the show's patrons were female, a welcome sight!), and they were all there for the same reason—to witness the best technical death and melodic death metal that the region has to offer, topped off by a blistering set from UK's own Bloodshot Dawn on their very first Canadian tour.